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Breaking Ground (2024)  

A Novel based on a True Story

At seventeen, adventurous Carmel falls in love and discovers she feels no guilt about losing her virginity. Carmel’s passion for Gary distracts her from her pursuit of independence. She forces herself back to school and to the arduous task of becoming a lawyer. Author, Marie Corbett insightfully paints the picture of the struggle between lust- is it love? And Carmel loving herself enough to hold onto her determination to have a career. The Author evocatively takes the reader through Carmel’s financial struggles and illegal abortions on her path to become a lawyer.

This story brings us full circle to today, a parallel time of regression in our society. We are again withstanding a repeat of patriarchy, fear of women, and misogyny. This writer inspires us to set our course right once more. This book matters for young women and crones alike.

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January: A Woman Judge's Season of Disillusion (2016)

A Memoir

An intimate look at the life of a female Superior Court judge, January entwines two stories – one personal, one professional – over one challenging, transformative year.

In the month of January, The Honourable Marie Corbett is adjudicating criminal trials on childhood sex abuse and other difficult cases. At the same time, she faces the imminent death from cancer of her closest friend, Anne Armstrong Gibson. Recently widowed, Anne must prepare her two young sons for life without her.

Marie travels daily between hospital ward and courtroom, reflecting on her own role as mother, wife, and trial judge. Recognizing the limitations of the criminal justice system, devastated by the death of her friend, Marie embarks on a path of self-discovery and faces a choice between civic duty and the life she wants to live.


Forty Years Late

A True Story

Forty Years Late tells the true story of a courageous women's stand against the tyranny of Father Casey, a priest in the Catholic village of Conception Harbour, Newfoundland.

Forty Years Late written by the late Doris Corbett was published by Marie Corbett and tells the true story of their grandmother, Teresa Ghaney Corbett. It is the story of a courageous woman’s stand against the tyranny of Father Casey, a priest in the Roman Catholic village of Conception Harbour, Newfoundland.


Marie’s note: A lifelong student and teach of history, Doris called herself, not ‘historian,’ but ‘memorizer,’ a person who remembers and passes on the elemental experiences of women. Doris taught me that we must pass down our stories. Too little of history is about the reality of women’s lives; too much of “women’s stuff” has been discarded. Her commitment to speaking our truth has inspired me to publish this book.

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