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Breaking Barriers in 1973: How Marie Corbett Cleverly Gained Membership into the Empire Club of Canada

Marie Corbett Article 1972 Toronto Star

1973, January 4th, Toronto Star, By Mary Kate Rowan

The Empire Club of Canada, established in 1903, has historically been an institution dominated by male membership. For much of its existence, the club served as a platform for influential men to discuss and promote issues related to Canadian unity, national interests, and the British Empire. Its meetings featured prominent speakers from various fields, fostering a space for intellectual and political discourse. Despite its significant role in shaping public opinion and policy, the club's all-male membership highlighted the gender exclusivity prevalent in many societal institutions of the time, reflecting broader patterns of gender inequality in professional and social organizations.

This article features Marie Corbett and her cleaver guise to gain membership into the Empire Club.

The Globe and Mail Article Jan 5 1973 Marie Corbett

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