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Celebrate Our Lives - Share Our Stories - Create Connection

Throughout history, women’s lives have been marginalized, overlooked, forgotten. History was the stuff of men’s lives and men’s stories. As Virginia Woolf remarked “very few women yet have written truthful autobiographies.” Women did not tell their stories. We had no script to follow beyond wife and mother until the 1970s. Male-dominated cultures silence women, trivialize our talk, lead us to doubt the importance of what we say.

As a retired superior court judge, author, and advocate for women’s rights, I bear witness to the power of telling our stories, to the need to validate our journeys, to create our history.

Why Your Story Matters

We must speak our truth, share our stories, listen to each other. Personal histories matter. Personal histories are bigger than we are. Speaking out honestly requires courage. When you share your story, you

Inspire others: The bravery required to speak out truth encourages others to share their journeys,

Promote Understanding: Sharing diverse perspectives fosters community and builds sisterhood.

Preserve History: Women’s voices add depth to the historical record, ensuring future generations acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of others who went before.

The Power of Collective Stories

Women need to see themselves collectively, not as isolated individuals. We are important. We matter. Let me hear you. Our chorus will celebrate our history, acknowledge our achievements, and continue the struggle for equality and justice.

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