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Essential Reading for Anyone Concerned with the Miscarriages of Justice in Cases Involving Sexual Assault

January by Marie Corbett Book Review

"This book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the miscarriages of justice in cases involving sexual assault. It should be part of the dialogue in any debate about reforms. Corbett, a deeply compassionate judge, reveals what it was like personally to witness cases and participate in rulings that while "legally correct," given the strict parameters of rules of evidence, actually resulted in the guilty walking away free far too may times. She depicts from the inside the constraints under which even sympathetic judges operate. The parallel story of the pressures on judges, especially female judges as they balance the demands of family and friendships out of the courtroom with the intense pressures of a profession is equally engaging. Altogether a brave book, and a well-written and timely one. Kudos to Corbett."


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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2016

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